About Extendamac

Extendamac is a community of Macintosh developers organized to document and distribute best known practices for extending the Mac OS and improving the Mac OS experience.

On June 23, 2001 at MacHack 16, a group of developers gathered to discuss how to safely extend the capabilities of Mac OS X. Our conclusion was that we need to determine and publish "best known practices" for programmatically extending and improving the Mac OS user experience. We formed Extendamac.

To support this mission we want to

We hope that by documenting best known practices, we can guide the Macintosh development community to providing software extensions which reliably enhance the Mac OS user experience without causing system instability, conflicts or other problems.

Extendamac is a virtual community housed at SourceForge where we have discussion lists, documentation and sample code. All work is done entirely by volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, come check us out.

Working with Extendamac

For general information about the Extendamac projects and resources, visit the Extendamac Project Page.

As we develop and document best known practices for extending the Mac OS, we will publish information and samples on this web site and in our project releases folder. Our goal is to make this information available for everyone to use.

We use email list to discuss and coordinate Extendamac activities with members of the community. Detailed information about participating in our discussion lists is available on our Discussion Lists page. Here is a summary of the available lists:

To get information about new publications and other Extendamac announcements, join the extendamac-announce mail list.

To participate in technical discussions about "best known practices" for extending Mac OS X, join the extendamac-macosx mail list. An FAQ for extending Mac OS X has been started. The FAQ is a good starting point for gather information. Please participate in helping to answer the many questions on the FAQ.

To participate in technical discussions about "best known practices" for extending classic Mac OS, join the extendamac-classic mail list.

To ask questions about Extendamac and how to use the Extendamac projects and to participate in discussions about Extendamac, our processes and how we are organized, join the extendamac-general mail list.

Hooking into SourceForge

To fully participate as an Extendamac developer, you first must join SourceForge. SourceForge provides the environment for our community. As a member of SourceForge, you have access to many of the resources we use to manage the Extendamac projects.

Once you are a member of SourceForge, check out the list of tasks to be done and let us know on one of the Extendamac mail lists how you would like to help, or send a note to Eric Gundrum or one of the other project administrators.

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